Show category description in "category list" item

4 days 21 hours ago - 4 days 21 hours ago #7645 by Giuseppe Pellegrino
Giuseppe Pellegrino created the topic: Show category description in "category list" item
Hello everybody

Somebody has an hack to let me show the category description in "category list" item? I know that now this feature is not natively implemented but I manage a site with more than 90 brands, 500 product lines for total 15.000 pictures and if I have to make also 90 different modules to insert in articles (or categories) u can understand that the job start to be a bit complicate :blink:

Moreover seems to me a little contradiction that creating a category I have the description box to fill up as in joomla categories/articles and I've not the possibility to show it.

So if someone has a solution for this little issue please share it here ;)

Anyway I'm absolutely happy with this extension, it's the best I've used since I start to use joomla in 2008. Keep up the good job!!!
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