What do I do if my Computer is stuck Updating

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Annabell Matt created the topic: What do I do if my Computer is stuck Updating
Ways to update Computer if Stuck
System update is mandatory to function smoothly, it’s really quite necessary to update the computer with the general installing updates to keep you protected and to keep the OS running smoothly.
visit: Computer technical support
Steps to follow:
1. Windows login showcases after executing Alt-ctrl-Del command to initiate the process.
2. Follow the steps again, if your computer gets restarts.
3. Now restart your computer by reset button or by powering it off and then back using the power button.
4. Start window in a safe mode.
5. Check the windows update utility regularly by launching the settings app from the start menu and click on update and security.
6. You have to run Microsoft Troubleshooter program by search on the old control panel for troubleshooting and then select fix problems with windows update from the list on screen.
7. Go back in time for system restore first you have to go control panel than system to system protection and then click system restore.
8. Delete the windows update file cache to proceed.
9. If you start launch a thorough virus scan.
10. Even you run full windows reset.
Adhere with the steps carefully to update installation on the computer, for any assistance you may contact at the computer tech support.

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