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Yahoo mail is one of the earliest players in Email services and enjoying the third spot in terms of the highest Email users. However, sometimes it may bother you not sending or receiving Emails properly. There are certain reasons why this situation occurs and there are so many easy tricks and methods to solve the issue “Yahoo mail not receiving Emails.”

If Yahoo mail not receiving emails:
It may affect your business your personal works and even your life when you are unable to receive any particular Email in some instances. You expect to receive emails but after multiple checkouts, you still find out that there is no Email yet and now you smell some problem in your Yahoo mail. However, the problem can also exist in the sender’s Yahoo mail and you will still not get expected Email. Check these steps to know whether you or sender having an issue:

Send a test email:
To make sure that all the services of Yahoo mail are working properly you can check this by sending a “test” message to yourself. You have to log in your Yahoo account on your computer then send an email to your self typing your own Email address.

If you are able to send the Email without any error and then check your inbox and there if you can see that Email without any error it confirms that there is no such issue with your Yahoo mail and the issue may be in Sender’s Yahoo mail.

In case if you get an error message in receiving emails, you should check steps give below:

Check your spam folder: Sometimes Yahoo mistakenly marks some important Email as spam and it doesn’t show in your inbox. You wait and wait and it never appears. If you find that particular email in spam, select that email and click on the button “not spam” then it will be moved into your inbox.

Trash folder: It should not be expected but if you have accidentally deleted the message it will never show in the inbox. So for confirmation please check the trash folder.

Blocked address: Make sure that the sender is not on the blocked list. If it happens then remove them from the list you will start receiving messages.

Reply-to address: At last your reply-to address should be blank to get the messages.

After applying these methods you still can not get the email. You should not further waste your time looking here and there. Call us at Yahoo mail support and we will help you to solve your issue.

If Yahoo mail not sending Emails:
If you notice that you are easy in receiving emails but the problem is only in sending emails then you need to follow these methods to get fixed:

You should restart your computer to make sure that any corrupted activity is not preventing you to access your Yahoo mail properly.
Then check if your web browser is recently updated or not. If you using an obsolete version of a web browser it may cause you trouble.
You should clear your browsing history, along with the caches and cookies then again try to send the messages.
If you’re not using any secure antivirus software, try to find any useful software on the internet. Also, make sure that your windows firewall is not preventing you to access your Yahoo mail.
After doing these activities you may solve your issue otherwise reach Yahoo mail support without wasting your time further.

Call us at +(1) 888-983-4006 Yahoo mail support number for instant assistance:
After a lot of effort and practicing tons of methods suggested by us or others you are not able to send or receive emails smoothly. Now it is time for you to pick up your phone and call us at Yahoo mail support number. We will be solving your issue with you in real-time. At yahoo mail support we have created such an atmosphere that welcomes you and gives you a warm feeling and also every information related to your Yahoo mail remains with your self. We never ask them to share any personal password or ID. Yahoo support number is toll-free and available 24X7 for customer support.

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