Types of Samsung dishwasher error

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If you see errors and errors on the screen in the Samsung dishwasher , the device certainly has shortcomings that you need to fix. In this article, we will briefly list the types of errors in Samsung dishwashers so that you can more easily investigate any problems that may arise. If you see an error on your dishwasher that was not in this list, be sure to contact the Samsung Central Dishwasher Dealer in Tehran at 021-22225007. Troubleshooting some of these errors is so light and convenient that you can fix it without the need for a professional repairman.

Note: These errors are only visible to digital dishwashers, and if your machine is old, it will blink.

Introducing Samsung dishwasher error types
in this section, we want to introduce different types of errors, such as 4e, 1e, etc., for you. Join us at the end of this article.

Error 1E
If you see error 1e on your dishwasher screen, it indicates that the dishwasher filter is clogged and blocked. Be sure to clean the filter at the bottom of the dishwasher so that water can pass through it easily. If you see the same error again when cleaning this filter, call the Samsung 222225007-021 dealer.

3C error
This error indicates the operation of the pump, the pump may be broken or cracked. Turn off the Samsung dishwasher again and start the operation from the beginning. If you still see the same error, you should contact your Samsung dishwasher repair agent.

Does your Samsung dishwasher board need to be repaired?
3E error
This error is observed when the water temperature is much higher than 176 degrees Fahrenheit. First check that you have selected the right dishwashing water temperature and contact Samsung Repair Center if there is no problem with the settings.

4E or 4C error
This error may have occurred for many dishwasher owners, and this problem has been fixed after the settings. The main cause of the 4e error is water supply in Samsung cars. First, make sure the water pressure and water temperature inside the dishwasher are safe. Do not use flood safe hoses for Samsung dishwashers, as these hoses are not compatible with the machine and you will constantly see a 4e or 4c error. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the water source is turned on. If the items are not suitable for you, contact the relevant agency.

Error 5C, SC, 5E, SE
These errors are observed when the Samsung dishwasher cannot drain the available water, which you can refer to the Samsung dishwasher manual, or contact the Samsung repair shop in Tehran to get the necessary instructions.

Error 7E
This error is related to the water reflector being blocked. If you just bought your dishwasher, make sure the reflector is open. If the waterwall reflector does not fit properly, you will still see a 7e error.

Introducing Samsung Refrigerator Repair Agency
Error 9E
Error 9e indicates that there is not enough water in the Samsung dishwasher. First, empty the machine of dishes, then pour the detergent into the machine and adjust the washing operation. If this error occurs again, unplug your machine and Contact a Samsung repair agent.

AP error
Access point error is observed when the dishwasher has not connected to your mobile phone. If you do not intend to connect to a mobile phone, turn off the dishwasher once.

BE error, 6E
The be or 6e error occurs when the button panel is stuck when turned on. First turn off the dishwasher, then try all the keys once, then turn on the machine. If this error reappears, contact your Samsung Support Center.
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