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Canon Pixma MP237 Printer is loaded with great features yet there are situations when you start facing inevitable errors with the model. To get rid of these errors or to avoid them in future it’s important to have the basic know-hows in printer troubleshooting so you can prevent further damage to your printer. Canon PIXMA MP237 since a multifunctional printer needs a proper care to avoid complications and errors in future. Below are some of the common Canon printer errors users reported facing in Canon printer MP237. Know how to resolve the error manually at home or take help from Canon Printer Support Technicians available toll free 24×7 all days in a week.

Canon Printer Error 02 & 03
If your Canon printer starts displaying error code message 02 or 03 then it may be because of paper problems. It could simply mean your printer is stuck with:

Paper jams
Paper roller is not picking up
Your Printer detects no paper
If you are looking ways to resolve this error, refer to the troubleshooting steps below:

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 02 or 03?
To Fix Canon Printer Error 02-03 you need to remove all paper bits from your printer. When removing a paper jam, don’t pull stuck paper directly from front cover. Instead, pull it from the paper tray. If there’s a number of paper stuck into your printer tray, do remove them one by one.
If the problem has occurred due to dirty paper roller, then you need replacing or cleaning the paper roll. Ensure your paper roller is not worn out or dirty and also check if they all are aligned well to the paper.
Restart your canon printer and reload paper. Depending on the paper size and type of paper, observe the maximum capacity of the paper feeder and alignment. Don’t feed too much of paper into the printer tray.
Canon Printer Error Code 05
Canon printer error code 05 occurs if:

The ink cartridge was not properly installed.
A wrong printer cartridge was installed.
Print head is not detected by the printer.
When your Canon Pixma starts facing this error, an orange light starts blinking 5 times. To resolve this, follow the steps below:

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 05?
Reinstall cartridge – Try removing the Canon ink cartridge and install it again. If you own a colored printer that uses multi ink cartridges, make sure that each cartridge is installed to the respected place into the printer.
Clean ink cartridge – If the print head is not detected, this could mean that the ink cartridge may be dirty or clogged and is not recognizing print head. Clean your Canon printer ink cartridge thoroughly and reinstall it again. Anytime you can call Canon printer toll Free for FREE help from our experienced technicians.
Canon Printer Error 5100
The Canon Printer 5100 is a service error. This happens when your printer is trouble printing due to foreign objects or stopper in case your printer is new. To resolve this, look into your printer if any foreign object is present. Thoroughly clean the printer or call Canon Printer Driver Support for any further help.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5100?
Restart printer –Turn off your printer plugging out all the cables. Now reconnect the cables and turn it on again. Wait for the print to start and try a test printing.
Locate any foreign objects – if your printer is new, look for the stopper or the orange tape and remove them carefully. To locate any foreign object, turn off and unplug your printer & search for the foreign object struck inside your printer. Pull it carefully out and test print.

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