How Do I Fix Google Sign In Error On Android

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ronan williams created the topic: How Do I Fix Google Sign In Error On Android
The error "Google Play authentication is required" is a surprisingly common problem on Android devices. It makes you realize how much you rely on Google products for smartphone activity, Google Sign-in Error on Android especially the Play Store. The good news is that it is an extremely easy problem to solve. Follow the steps provided in our guide below.

There are several different ways to solve this problem, from simple deletion of data to more drastic reset of the factory as a last resort. We have presented the following methods below.

Important point:

Uninstall Play Store updates
Simply remove your Google account
Try a fresh sync
Clear Google Play Store data
Use your mobile browser to download the app

Last resort: the factory reset

Step 1: Describe your environment

Device: iPhone 6
OS version: 6.0.1
MIUI version MIUI Global 9.2

Step 2: Describe the problem:

Throws Error after choosing Google account W/SignInActivity: signInResult:failed code=10

Steps to reproduce:

Clone the repository and Launch SignIn App (under Android)
Click SignInActivity
Click Google Sign In button
Choose your Google Account
Logs above error in Logcat

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