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kuatsh gsuwb created the topic:
at Walmart showing you guys like sections of like Little Miss Eli Souls and things like that that's nothing elp us along that time usually a Twinkie store oh hey guys welcome to a new day so it is the next day and I'm standing in front of an empty closet you guys I'm so excited because I've been the only one in the house without like a normal closet this whole time because this closet in the spare bedroom has been taken up and I've had my clothes in the bathroom closet which I have had to throw away on my shirts because they've gotten like moisture so I'm gonna have to throw away a lot of shirts again which is kind of sad it almost feels like I have my own room although like I literally don't it's just the closet but I'm super excited to like have a closet I'm like so excited I'm gonna make my dresses in there and I'm gonna show you guys how my dress isn't shirts are right now you guys it's like a mayhem it's crazy so I'm not really working on a little bit about today so this is my bathroom and this is where I haven't keeping my shirts

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