I'm working on that back tomorrow

1 week 15 hours ago #12963 by gahwy gwyfu
gahwy gwyfu created the topic: I'm working on that back tomorrow
DXN Code Strike documentary it really opened my eyes to if you don't even know what makes you tick how do you expect some dumbass so come in and do it you can so even if it's not you asserting yourself in terms of art I'm gonna pull his dick out today you need to be able to turn around and tell your partner okay this is what I like I like it when you do this I don't like it when you do that this gets me on and this doesn't so please don't do that anymore do you know I mean cause otherwise men will just think let me just do whatever the hell I want on whatever I think is sexy that's true you might you need to get to know your body if a girl waits milk with some proper head you you can sum it all to course rob the bank


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