Advanced Poll
Joomla! 30
Version: 3.5.4 Release Date: 13 July 2018 - Changelog

Version 3.5.4

Released Date: January 11, 2023

  • Fix error on PHP 8.1 for Joomla 3 version.

Version 3.5.3

Released Date: September 17, 2022

  • Fix editor plugin error.

Version 3.5.0

Released Date: July 13, 2018

  • Fix. Some erros conflict js
    Fix. Some errors css
    Added . Show message when user voted
    Added. Compatible with joomla 4
    Added. Permission allow user see result of poll in frontend
    Added. Option allow vote again by enter number second, minute

Version 3.1.0

Released Date: April 27, 2017

  • Fix. Some erros css
  • Fix. Some errors on joomla 3.7.
  • Fix. Bug get Country Code wrong.


Version 3.0.8

Released Date: July 22, 2016

  • Added: Support display poll in EasyBlog.
  • Added: Default values for theme settings.
  • Fixed: Style is overridden by template style sometimes.
  • Fixed: Backend error view not found.

Version 3.0.7

Released Date: April 19,2016

  • Added: Show answers in logs page
  • Added: Show message when poll is expired 

Version 3.0.6

Release Date: December 07. 2015

  • Fixed: Telize API was shutdown.
  • Fixed: Allow vote again doesn't work properly 

Version 3.0.5

Release Date: September 16, 2015

Fixed: Blank page error when saving category.

Version 3.0.4

Release Date: August 25, 2015

  • Fixed. Responsive doesn't work while poll is set width in content plugin.
  • Fixed. Error when Security Layers is empty.
  • Fixed. Langauge issue.

Version 3.0.3:

Release Date: July 23, 2015

  • Fixed. Style customize error.
  • Fixed. Chart tooltip postion is not correct when view result in popup.
  • Fixed. Error class 'Joomla\Registry\Registry' not found.

Version 3.0.2:

Release Date: July 16, 2015

  • Fixed. Missing param to configure text for Back button.
  • Added. Text in javascript now support multi-languages.

Version 3.0.1:

Release Date: July 8, 2015

  • Fixed. Error message appears in Joomla 3.4.3

Version 3.0.0: Brand New Version

Release Date: July 8, 2015

  • Added. Security layers (Cookie, IP Address and User check type) in each poll.
  • Added. 8 different graphs to display result.
  • Added. Set answer color and add html elements to answers.
  • Added. Split answers in 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.
  • Added. Poll description.
  • Added. Captcha - ReCaptcha support.
  • Added. 8 gorgeous basic themes and various theme options.
  • Added. Show poll from a chosen category in the module.
  • Added. Back-end data analysis on dashboard.
  • Added. Data logs.
  • Added. Allow users to vote again in multiple periods of time.
  • Added. Editable text of Vote, Result and Back button.
  • Added. More options to show result.
Joomla! 30

Advanced Poll is a robust yet complete Joomla extension to help everyone create and manage polls effectively. This special Joomla component is tailor-made for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 Alpha. It is built to show polls in both of module position and Joomla, K2, EasyBlog, Zoo content.

Vote permission is restricted with advanced Joomla ACL, giving you the permission to allow which user group can vote easily. Along with various setting options in each poll, the component has user-friendly interface design that assist you during the configuration process.

Advanced Poll is strongly customizable and flexible. Apart from 8 gorgeous themes, there are tons of options to support you in changing colors or text of poll elements. Especially, the component enables you to add Captcha and set multiple security layers for each poll.

Advanced Poll stays focused on data analysis and archives. The line, map and text statistics on dashboard highlight most noticeable parts while the poll log records detailed information of votes and voters.

  • Joomla 3 Compatibility
  • Joomla ACL
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Security Layers
  • Effective Vote Process
  • Multiple Result Graphs
  • Flexible Poll Answers
  • ‘Other’ Answer
  • Poll Description
  • Captcha - ReCaptcha
  • Various Theme Options
  • Useful Module
  • Back-end Data Analysis
  • Data Logs
  • Joomla/K2/EasyBlog/Zoo Content Support

Main features

Cool Style

Cool Style

Advanced Poll is colorful and dynamic enough to fit any style of your Joomla website.

Multiple Result Graphs

Multiple Result Graphs

There are 8 different graphs to display the result. They are Scaling Line, Relative Line and Pie, Doughnut, Polar, Line, Bar, Radar Chart.

Poll Description

Poll Description

If question and answers are not enough to illustrate your ideas, just use description to add text/image before or after question.

Poll Answers

Poll Answers

You are allowed to add unlimited answers to a poll as well as set color and edit vote count of each answer. You can also split answers in 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns.

Captcha ReCaptcha

Captcha - ReCaptcha

Advanced Poll supports Captcha Version 1.0 and 2.0 to prevent annoying spammers. Using Captcha 2.0 allows users to attest they are not robots with just a single click.

Security Layers

Security Layers

You can add many security layers (Cookies, IP Address or User) to a poll. If you use Cookies, you can set the time lag (Hour, Day, Week, Month, Year) to prevent consecutive votes.

Various Theme Options

Various Theme Options

Regardless of 8 gorgeous basic themes, Advanced Poll amazes users by numerous options to configure wrapper, header, body, footer and graph style. Custom CSS is still supported, of course.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

On the back-end dashboard of Advanced Poll, you can see a line graph of votes counted daily and a map shows votes sorted by countries.

Joomla ACL

Joomla ACL

The component is compatible with Joomla ACL. You have permission to allow which user group can vote. For example, if you want ‘Registered’ users to have vote permission, just change ‘Vote a Poll' permission to 'Allowed'.

Joomla K2 Zoo Content Support

Joomla/K2/EasyBlog/Zoo Content Support

Special Advanced Poll plugins allows you to add polls to Joomla articles or K2/Zoo items.

37 Reviews for Advanced Poll

  1. Avatar

    Many Errors under Joomla 4 and absolute Zero support. Incredible for a paid extention.

  2. Avatar

    A brilliant component. One question though: How can I translate it into german?

  3. Avatar

    Muy decepcionado, el producto no me ha servido y el soporte es inexistente. He comprado Advanced Poll y no ha funcionado ni siquiera mínimamente. He enviado 5 boletos de solicitud de soporte y no responden, los eliminan sin responder. No lo recomiendo. Gonzalo

  4. Avatar

    Easy to use and fairly simple to customize. The two main things lacking are: 1) the ability to see the results in a chart form on the backend like you can see it on the front end - I found it odd that this was not part of it; 2) the ability to export the results in a CSV format so they can be opened in Excel and further analysis/charting done with them It would be a 5-star product if it had those two functions.

  5. Avatar

    Functionality: très bonne extension Ease of use: simple avec de bonnes fonctionnalités, multiples graphiques et facilement customisable. Support: Un grand merci au support très réactif et efficace. Value for money: prix modique par rapport à la qualité de l'extension.

  6. Avatar

    Functionality: Funciona muy bien, solo tuve un problema con los temas y fue corregido por el desarrollador. Falta mejorar los idiomas disponibles. Ease of use: Es muy fácil de usar y se integra con otros componentes como K2. Support: 100% Value for money: Vale la pena.

  7. Avatar

    Functionality: ok Ease of use: ok Support: ok Documentation: ok Value for money: ok

  8. Avatar

    Functionality: Polls Ease of use: Excellente extension Support: Service support très performant et surtout désireux d'apporter la bonne réponse ! Documentation: Tout est sur la page support, rien de plus facile ! Value for money: Prix très modique

  9. Avatar

    Functionality: 25000 votes in 7 days. Worked perfectly! Ease of use: Easy Support: Responsive and very fast! Documentation: Very complete. Easy to understand. Value for money: Worth every penny.

  10. Avatar

    Functionality: Full of functionalities for a lot of uses. Some technical issues solve by the support. Ease of use: Simple and clear Support: Best support, reactive and friendly, they solve all the problems with a very fast and professional action. Rare. Value for money: It's worth its value

  11. Avatar

    Functionality: Very many adjustment possibilities, short training time! Ease of use: It is easy to use! Support: Competent and fast support. Excellent! Documentation: A sufficient documentation for this component. Value for money: This component is full of monetary value.

  12. Avatar

    I just but this extensions . That's good but really need 3 major features also : 1) Empty Results (I deleted records from log-section but user can not vote again yet!) 2) Change Choice (after voting there is not option for user to change his mind and change the choice! ) 3) Export (there is no option to export results to .xlsx or .csv) Thank you.

  13. Avatar

    Functionality: verry good!! Ease of use: It is verry easy to use Support: I requested for support and the supoort was fast,, verry good en verry friendly. Documentation: Good Value for money: High!

  14. Avatar

    Functionality: Very good Ease of use: Very easy Support: Excellent! Documentation: Did not need it Value for money: Worth it!

  15. Avatar

    This is a must-have extension and is worth the low price for all that it does. Excellent support (ticket system).. The Pro version is really good.

  16. Avatar

    Functionality: Excellent with the present function. But I wish Admin result view is added in the future. Ease of use: Easy & simple Support: Good, got ticket replied sooner then I expected. Value for money: Yes

  17. Avatar

    Functionality: This is a very useful extension for my site. Ease of use: Sometimes is confusing. Support: Excellent! Value for money: Worth it!

  18. Avatar

    Functionality: It allows you to create polls with multiple choice and arbitrary user response. Ease of use: Importantly do not forget to give access to groups of users to vote. Support: During use do not have any problems. All works steadily Documentation: All well described and easy to understand Value for money: Taking into account the stability of the work - a great price.

  19. Avatar

    Functionality: It lets you vote and see the results. So it functions perfectly. But it also allows for some security and analysis which is a bonus! Ease of use: Create a category, then a poll, then display it with the included module or insert it into an article. I wish you could save a custom theme. Support: I found an anomaly with k2 and they emailed me some reworked php files that resolved the issues. Documentation: Covers all the features. I would recommend some images of the different results styles. Value for money: $20 for the solution the client wanted and great service.... ah ya!

  20. Avatar

    Functionality: All I need - simple type of polls but include all additional features: multiple choice, max. answers per vote, restrictions of voting, etc. Ease of use: Really easy to use - to create poll, to put it as a module somewhere, to change the look as well without messing the main template css. Support: More than great - they answer in a few hours. I also wanted a custom work which they sent me for free in a day! Documentation: Just follow the guidelines and you will be done with configuring the settings of the component in a minute. Value for money: It is just what I needed.

  21. Avatar

    Functionality: A lot of very useful functionality. Ease of use: Very easy to use. Support: I've contacted the support do add a functionality. In two days the work was done, perfect! Documentation: Complete documentation and demo. Value for money: Good

  22. Avatar

    Functionality: I had a problem of compatibility with my version of joomla but the support resolved it quickly Ease of use: very easy Support: Excellent! quick and kind Value for money: Good

  23. Avatar

    Functionality: exellant extension Ease of use: 100% Support: perfect support they will not leave you alone . Documentation: on the top Value for money: gooooooooood

  24. Avatar

    Functionality: Loads of featrues, I'm sure it will cover any requirements Ease of use: 100% Documentation: Really easy to follow, they have an excellent wiki. which I needed when I got stuck on a minor issue, the docs are well laid out and easy fo Value for money: Very good

  25. Avatar

    Very good product. Easy installation and configuration. Great support!

  26. Avatar

    Easy to download, install and use. Customization and complete control are in your hands, unlike 3rd party polling. Support was *phenomenal* and they work quickly to resolve any issues with other parts of your site. Best purchase in a long time!

  27. Avatar

    Really smart extension. great support from the developer!

  28. Avatar

    Absolutely fabulous extension. Not only is the extension Great, but I also needed a custom job done & for an extra fee, these guys came through amazingly. Very very knowledgeable individuals. I would highly recommend.

  29. Avatar

    This one I installed for a client, and its easy to setup, manage and style. And it looks great. However, I set the lag on 888888 but the input on survey are extremely high. We had about 20.000 visitors last week and almost 100.000 votes. So it is appearently very easy to submit your vote more than once. I checked al the settings and they are good. So disappointing extension for serious stuff.

  30. Avatar

    Great extension. We are using it as a voting system for an event and it is the perfect solution. Great extension.

  31. Avatar

    I Use Skyline Advance Poll, and I ask for improvement feature. I need to set a poll with just only registered user who can vote within 2 days, they customized the component to fit my requirements.. It is great extension with exellent support..

  32. Avatar

    Installation and setting in few minutes. It is suitable for any type of need and if you have any problems with it, the support staff is available to help you and solve the problem in a short time. Completely satisfied of it!

  33. Avatar

    Congratulations ! Skyline Adanced Poll is a great extension for Joomla. Very easy to install, very easy to configure and very easy to use. Does perfectly what I needed. Support is perfect too. I recommend strongly this extension

  34. Avatar

    When installing various extensions in Joomla, some may conflict with others. I was not aware of this until tech support identified which extension was causing the problem. It was corrected and Skyline Advanced Poll is working flawlessly. I highly recommend this extension.

  35. Avatar

    What a great extension. Easy to use, easy to customise! Had a small edit I needed help with, Duy got it done within an hour. Excellent service! I definitely recommend this extension!

  36. Avatar

    Unbelievable, I contacted this organization and they offered me a favor as I've ever seen. Their application is really well done and very accessible. I recommend this poll application far more than any other. Thank you to Hanh Chu at Skyline Software Extstore

  37. Avatar

    This is a must-have extension and is worth the low price for all that it does. Excellent support (ticket system).. The Pro version is really good.

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