How to Make a Successful Online Store

How to Make a Successful Online Store


You are maybe owning an online store or maybe planning to open one. The question is how to make your store be effective? How can you do to draw much attention from your customers? Or which keys make a lot of online stores be such successful, bring such high benefit annually, monthly, weekly, or even daily?

Many different factors affect to your online business such as market trend, economy, people, etc,... however, the basic one deciding your success exactly is building up an attractive, effective and user-friendly online store.

Following the useful tips below will guide you through impediments to become a successful online store owner.




I am sure that making a good first impression is vital, it means your homepage must be eye-catching, easy understanding and clean & clear. Easy understanding means it’s about few seconds only so that your customers are able to realize properly what you’re selling or what service's you are offering. In almost cases, no customer stays on your site for a long if they feel messy and confused by the unnecessary information your homepage provides. Don’t tell them when your company established or how many members there are in your company at your home page, just put them at About Us page.

A good homepage can link visitors to category page easily. Anymore, Live Chats has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel with 73%. Therefore I suggest you should consider using one live chat module for your site to make quickly interaction to your customers when they have any quick question.

You also can add banners or a popup there to show your marketing campaign or discount information.


Page Category

page category1

Categories provide a helpful way to group related products together, and to quickly tell users what a product is about. Therefore, categories also make it easier for people to find your products.

Keep your category page clean and clear though it must bring enough necessary information. They are links to product detail page, product thumbnail (for a lot of cases, thanks to these fantastic thumbnails, visitors can make purchasing decisions before they even see the price or click through to the product page), product name, short description (I mean description is short and clear, it’s optional), rating, price and especially button Call to Action like “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart”.

Having Search module will be easier for visitors to find out products they want.


Product Detail Page

page detail

Customers always want to know all information about your products, however these information must be clean and easy to understand. Let’s introduce your product concisely but enough. Necessary information for Product Detail Page is product image, price, rating, detail description, button Call to Action and even field of changelog or link documentation if your products are software.

It’s better if you can add some buttons to your product detail page. These buttons will bring relevant information of your products in which your customer can click to visit if they want. Of course, your customers will totally satisfy with this way to receive all information they need.

In addition, you yourself are able to make opportunity increase your revenue by posting some related products on your product detail page. Sometimes, people don’t know what they want until you show them, so just do everything to show customer as much as products maybe they need as possible.


Easy Shopping Cart & Payment Process


It’s so great when your online store owns clear button Call to Action and powerful shopping cart. Powerful shopping cart means users can be easy to add and remove products, clear to see all products they buy and the total amount of money they have to pay.
Next, care about your checkout page as it’s the final step on people’s shopping journey. Let’s make your customers easy to pay with necessary information only.
At checkout page, your customers can be select a payment method by cash, credit cash, etc…. Or even if you want to sell your products over the world, your customers can pay via PayPal or Skrill Moneybookers, In this case, let’s choose a software which supports for international payment method and help you manage all orders in an effective way.


Promos and Coupon Code
After all, your online shop’s look nice and powerful now. However, what we have just mentioned are necessary conditions to make your shop draw much attention from new customers and as well as bring old customers come back, it needs to have sufficient condition is to develop marketing plans and promotions.

If you launch new products or offer new discount plan, let’s make sure that these information will approach your customer by the easiest and fasted way.


You can hang banners or posters on your site or use popup to show your sale off. Of course, you must control the numbers of popup’s appearance to avoid making your customers upset. I believe customers will be more interested in your site with an attractive and interesting popup window.


Excellent Customer Service
The most important thing to improve the relationship with your customer is to develop customer service. You can not guarantee one hundred percent that customers can use your products without any error or there’s no problem with the delivery process. In those cases, let’s support for your customers well because it is the key to retaining and attracting new customers. As you know, with the rapid spread of social media today, news of bad customer experiences can spread quickly. It will directly affect to your brand.

In conclusion: The more efforts you spend for your online store, the more benefit you get from it. Keep in mind the useful tips above to make your online store more and more successful.

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