• [Announcement] Testimonials 3.5.3 Released on ExtStore

    [Announcement] Testimonials 3.5.3 Released on ExtStore


    Dear beloved customers,

    Product reviews play a critical role in purchasing decision and Skyline Testimonials extension help to display the best speeches of your customers anywhere on your website.

    With the new update of Mega Popup extension for Xmas popup templates, now Testimonials 3.5.3 released with the minor of bug fix. It is fixed issue ordering so that you can arrange testimonials by Most Recent or Random order on the front-end.


  • 10 Joomla Extensions Which Are Worthy to Buy In 2015

    10 Joomla Extensions Which Are Worthy to Buy In 2015


    You always want your website to draw much attention from others and brings a lot of value into your business. You choose Joomla because of  a wide variety of features and numerous applications in which you can customize websites with convenience. During 10-year development, Joomla has became the passion of  web developers in the world. there are a lot of awesome extensions are created. It is so great but quite complex for you to choose which is the best valuable for your payment.

    Here I will list 10 extensions which are worthy to buy in 2015 due to my experiences and the market trend. I  hope it will be helpful for you. If  you have any other suggestion, kindly  share with us. It is so great in order that we can experience together



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now

    Your websites will be more attractive and your customers will be easier to follow your sites if their structure is neat and clear. JSitemap component will help you build a fantastic structure for your site. Without needing of additional plugins, JSitemap still manage all type of sitemap content by creative and revolutionary way. JSitemap has advanced and unique features to generate every possible kind of sitemap: responsive HTML, standard XML, mobile devices XML images XML, easy SEO control panel, SEO stats calculation,....


    + JSitemap Basic: 39$

    + JSitemap Professional: 49$

    JED Reviews: 10/10



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now

    JFBConnect extension is the most outstanding on social web field, therefore it is a suitable choice of the web owners for the robust development of social network. JFBConnect can integrate with the various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedln, Yahoo, Instagram, VK, Amazon, Meetup, Window Live, Github and more for Joomla. JEBConnect lets your users access your site quickly without barrier of remembering user name and password, includes automatic social sharing button in your content, shows the new feeds from social pages as well as groups. With JFBConnect, you can post content to a user’s Facebook Timeline about activities of your site.

    Price: 59.99$

    JED Reviews: 10/10

    Advanced Portfolio Pro

    advnced portfolio pro

    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now 

    Advanced Portfolio Pro supports for Joomla 3.x. Your  portfolio-based site will be neat, flexible and effective with this stunning component. It will draw much attention from potential customers by featured projects, hover effects, CSS3 transform effects.  Advanced Portfolio Pro also support SEO performance to optimize traffic flow of your site, allow to add video from Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Daily Motion or Twitvid, generate the infinite categories and subcategories… It especially includes 2 type of module: Grid and Carousel.

    Price: 19.99$

    JED Reviews: 10/10



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now

    EasyBlog is the best Joomla blog extension which empowers more than 80,000 Joomla websites and blogs. EasyBlog has the great of Social Network integration in which you can post automatically to Social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln. EasyBlog is compatible with EasySocial, JomSocial and Community Builder. It has responsive layout allowing viewing of blog posts on mobile devices or tablets.


    + EasyBlog Community: 59$

    + EasyBlog Professional: 79$

    + EasyBlog Unlimited: 199$

    JED Reviews: 10/10

    More news: within EasyBlog, EasySocial is the best social network extension made for Joomla. To celebrate the new release of EasySocial 1.4, StackIdeas are giving out 20% OFF for all new purchases and renewals of EasyBlog. This is just 3-day deal only! Not apply to existing subscription plan.

    Coupon Code: NEXTGEN



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now

    Email marketing is the one of the most effective marketing online channels. Email marketing helps you save your time as well as your money to make your products, your services, your business image approach the potential customers. AcyMailing is a reliable Newsletter and email marketing extension for Joomla. It includes a lot of great features such as no HTML knowledge require, create Newsletter with drag and drop editor, handle STMP Securied Connection,...You can try Acymailing for free version or buy it to get more functions like adding a Captcha and setting up welcome message or handling bounce back,....


    + acyMailing Starter:  0 

    + acyMailing Essential: 29 

    + acyMailing Enterprise: 89 

    + acyMailing Multi - Site: 345 

     JED Reviews: 10/10

    Advanced Poll

    advanced poll

    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now

    Advanced Poll is the most outstanding Joomla extension to help everyone create and manage polls effectively.  It is built to show polls in both of module position and Joomla, K2, Zoo content. Vote permission is restricted with advanced Joomla ACL, giving you the permission to allow which user group can vote easily. Along with various setting options in each poll, the component has user-friendly interface design that assist you during the configuration process. Moreover, Advanced Poll supports captcha to prevent annoying spammers, using captcha version 2.0 allows users to attest they are not robots with just a single click.

    Price: 19.99$

    JED Reviews: 9.3/10



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org

    Demo | Buy Now

    Nowadays, the market share of mobile increase rapidly. People prefer using mobile by its convenience, therefore, in order that customers can approach your business, you need to make your websites, your contents are compatible with mobile devices. Responsivizer extension is the stunning solution to make Mobile Responsive your Joomla site in few steps. Make your Joomla site display beautifully and responsively on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and all mobile devices in a snap, updated to latest devices.

    Price: 59.00$

    JED Reviews: 10/10

    Akeeba Backup

    akeeba backup

    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Buy Now

    Akeeba Backup is a optimal choice for your website on Access & Security field. With this excellent extension, all into your site will be saved in the full site backup.in a single archive which includes all the files, a database snapshot and an installer similar in function to the standard Joomla! installer. Moreover, AJAX power the backup and restore process to avoid server timeouts. even with huge sites. Akeeba Backup brings a lot of stunning features such as "Kickstart" restore (restore without unpacking backup), the fastest native PHP backup engine, Archives can be restored on any host.

    Price: 40 

    JED Reviews: 10/10



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Demo | Buy Now

    Hikashop is an E-commerce extension for Joomla. You know that nowadays, selling online becomes more and more popular If you want to have an online shop, you can choose Hikashop because of its simplicity and flexibility. Hikashop contains plenty of marketing tools and advanced taxes, zones, languages and currencies management for worldwide sales. It also has powerful dashboard to help you manage your store easily, more than 60 payment plugins to handle online credit card payments. Hikashop includes both free version and paid version. 


    + Hikashop Starter: 0 

    + Hikashop Essential: 49.95 

    + Hikashop Business: 99.90 

    JED Reviews: 10/10



    (Source: www.extensions.joomla.org)

    Buy Now

    SH404SEF is well known in SEO field, it is the most popular and longest developed Joomla extension. With SH404SEF, your search engine rankings will be improved and your website will get more traffic. It contains the various of great features such as: automatic redirect of 404s errors to most similar page, Google Sitename, Google breadcrumb and Google sitelinks search JSON+LD markup, using oAuth2 for Analytics authorization, having Google Analytics Universal support and Google Tags manager support,....

    Price: 44.00$

    JED Reviews: 10/10



  • Top 10 Free Joomla extensions for government websites

    Top 10 Free Joomla extensions for government websites

    In recent years, Joomla has grown increasingly popular among users of government websites. Although there are some minor drawbacks, Joomla is still considered perfect for government websites because it meets most of stable web standards, needs little product development and is totally friendly with average users. Most importantly, users can build a government website with no or extremely low budget. Today, we are going to show off a diverse list of free Joomla extensions for that purpose. The list is limited by 10 but you can add your own favorite tools in our comment area.

    Maxi Menu CK

    Developer: Cédric KEIFLIN

    Compatibility: Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.narromine.nsw.gov.au/


    A handy menu is something that every website would really like to have and Maxi Menu CK is that handy one. The extension uses jQuery/Mootools effects, allows you to load modules in menus and supports e-commerce extensions like Virtuemart and Hikashop. Maxi Menu CK is also SEO-friendly and responsive.

    DJ-Image Slider

    Developer: DJ-Extensions

    Compatibility: Joomla 2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.kalselprov.go.id/

    02-DJ Image Slider_demo

    DJ-Image Slider is by far one of the best free Joomla slider extensions. Besides displaying an image gallery with title and short description linked to urls, you can manage slides by categories. DJ Image Slider particularly fits government websites well since it is simple and fast-loading.

    Advanced Portfolio

    Developer: ExtStore

    Compatibility: Joomla 3.x

    Example: http://www.spb-pba.org.pl/wspolpraca/partnerzy-spb?view=projects

    Free Advanced Portfolio can be used as a gallery that shows events such as political and environmental campaigns, award ceremonies, charity parties. Each project contains image slideshow, short and full description, URL button while all projects are managed by categories and filtered by tags.


    Developer: JoomlaWorks

    Compatibility: Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x

    Example: http://hospitalmalvinas.gov.co/


    K2 is a content construction component which lets you customize content items for Joomla websites. With K2, you can build all sorts of page types: news, blogs, portfolio, knowledge base, download/document manager, directory listing, event listing, etc.


    Developer: Guillermo Vargas

    Compatibility: Joomla 2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.narromine.nsw.gov.au/site-map-xml


    Xmap is the popular sitemap extensions for Joomla that creates a sitemap based on the menu structure of Joomla website, allowing your pages to be shared with Google crawler .Using Xmap not only benefits SEO but also offers an HTML sitemap for visitors so that they can find needed information quickly.


    Developer: Stéphane Bouey

    Compatibility: Joomla 2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/


    A language switcher is unsurprisingly essential to government websites, especially when they focus on education and international relations. Falang is therefore a solid solution to manage content translations, even the content of components/modules on the website.


    Developer: Jonathan Cameron

    Compatibility: Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.icporcusatta.gov.it/j/


    If you want to upload and attach downloadable documents to Joomla articles, Attachments by Jonathan Cameron is a great option. Attachments can be added and edited from the frontend, and managed in backend. Also, there are options to control who can see the attachments and who can upload them.

    Nice Social Bookmark

    Developer: Nikola Biškup

    Compatibility: Joomla 1.5/2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.oaphd.on.ca/


    People are living in social media fever and so do government websites. Although Addthis seems famous, I recommend Nice Social Bookmark as a more diverse extension since it’s a great tool to share news by putting bookmark and social media buttons in posts. The free version of Nice Social Bookmark supports some popular icons only but it doesn’t matter at all!

    Mini Frontpage

    Developer: TemplatePlazza

    Compatibility: Joomla 2.5/3.x

    Example: http://zamboangacity.gov.ph/


    Mini Frontpage is a lightweight yet powerful module to display recent content items or articles in news headline style. Using this module, you can show any latest or most read articles from selected sections or categories.


    Developer: Alfred Vink

    Compatibility: Joomla 1.7/2.5/3.x

    Example: http://www.idrperak.my/index.php/malaysian-anti-corruption-commission


    ALFContact is the top choice for a neat, appealing and useful  contact form. It might look simple but sophisticated in the functionality. Captcha security is included with a choice between reCaptcha and captchas.net. You can add extra fields, customize response page and show the contact form in around 33 languages.

  • Review: 7 Things About Advanced Poll 3.0.0

    Review: 7 Things About Advanced Poll 3.0.0

    This July update, Advanced Poll 3.0.0, predicts a new hit for ExtStore. Showing a whole different appearance, Advanced Poll is flexible enough to fit all styles of Joomla 3 sites. Moreover, amazingly diverse set of features enables users to extend custom capabilities, cool creativity and instant usage. So, what can we do with new Advanced Poll?

    Annotate poll question with description

    poll description

    If question is not enough to illustrate your ideas, all you have to do is to add text/image in the description field of each poll. Then you show description before or after the question.

    Create lively and interesting answers

    unlimited answers

    The component allows you to add unlimited answers to a poll as well as set color and edit vote count of each answer. When clicking every answer, you will see the full editor where you are free to use images and html tags. Single column is not the only choice because you can split answers in up-to-4 columns.

    Color poll elements

    various theme options

    Regardless of 8 gorgeous basic themes, Advanced Poll amazes users by numerous options to configure wrapper, header, body, footer and graph style. Custom CSS is still supported, of course.

    Set multiple security layers

    multiple security layers

    You can use more than one security layers (Cookies, IP Address or User) to prevent cheatings. However, Advanced Poll is not stiff since you can set time lag to be Hour, Day, Week, Month or Year as well as vote permission for each user group.

    Display results in 8 illustrations

    multibple result graphs

    There are 8 different graphs to display the result. They are Scaling Line, Relative Line and Pie, Doughnut, Polar, Line, Bar, Radar Chart. Different charts tell different tales so you should choose the most suitable chart type for poll result.

    Use Captcha to beat robots

    captcha recaptcha

    Advanced Poll is compatible with ALL Joomla Captcha plugins. You can use default reCaptcha plugin or install other captcha plugins. Using Captcha 2.0, voters can attest they are not robots with just a single click.

    data analysis

    On the back-end dashboard of Advanced Poll, you can see a line graph of votes counted daily and a map shows votes sorted by countries. On top of that, useful information of voters can be found easily in the Log/Statistics section.

    What do you think of new Advanced Poll? Let’s have a look at the demo and tell us your opinions!

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