In the older version of Advanced Poll, to show the poll result you only need to go to that poll => Options tab => config for Show Result button.

However, in Advanced Poll version 3.5.0 and higher, we added a new feature to support you decide which user groups (public, registered, administrators,....) have permission to see the poll result on the front-end. Therefore, the settings will be changed a bit. Please follow the steps below to see how to do that

Step 1: From Dashboard => Components => Advanced Poll => open the poll you want to config => Options tab => set up for Show Result button.

option show result

After that, click on Save & Close button.


Step 2: From Dashboard => Components => Advanced Poll Configuration => Permission tab. You should notice the setting of See Result. If you choose Allowed, users in the selected groups can see the poll result. If you choose Denied, users in the group don’t have the permission to see the poll result.

see result

Then click on Save & Close button to save your change.



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