Skyline Facebook Likebox Popup is a simple module for Joomla that displays Facebook Likebox as a Popup window, appeared whenever users click in any part of the website. Skyline Facebook Likebox Popup is used as a social plugin. Integration of Facebook increases Likes and gets more traffic for your site. The popup window contains a basic Likebox, moreover time counter and variety control options make users easy to specify the time to show the window before disappearing automatically.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions.
  • See how many users already like your Facebook page.
  • HOT Like the page with one click without needing to visit the Page.
  • Enable/Disable to show the fan faces.
  • HOT Allow to set a certain time before and after the popup shows.
  • Title and content of message to add more description about Facebook page.
  • Support to add CSS styles and images to the popup window content.
  • Lock out all page functions behind the popup.
  • Close popup window by close button or ESCape button.
  • Quick load
  • Clean and simple style.

Click here to see demo.


  • Download the latest version of Skyline Facebook Likebox Popup from ExtStore.
  • Go to Administrator site, choose Extension → Extension Manager. Then Browse the file and click Upload and Install.
  • Install Facebook Likebox Popup successfully.


Go to Administrator site, click ExtensionsModule Manager, then search for Skyline Facebook Likebox Popup to configurate. Sl Facebook Likebox Popup module j30.png

Settings for Details

Sl Facebook Likebox Popup enable j30.png


  • Position: the position to display the module The popup window will be display in the middle of website so it doesn't make differences when you choose any position but chosen position has to match with current template. For example: position-7 of Beez20 default template.
  • Status: choose Published
  • Access: public (for user and guest), registered (for user only).
  • Ordering: The ordering the module will be put with other modules in the same position.

Setting for Basic Options

Sl Facebook Likebox Popup basic options j30.png


  • Show Faces: Show/Hide faces from your fans on facebook.
  • FB Page Url: Url of your facebook page.
  • Title: Title of popup window.
  • Message: Extra information for popup window. Support to add CSS styles and images to the message content.
  • Delay: Time before popup showing in seconds.
  • Timeout: Time counter of popup window showing in seconds.
  • Enable Closeable: Choose yes to enable popup window with showing close button.
  • Advanced Close: Enable close popup window by pressing ESCape button.
  • Cookie Timeout: Time of cookie session in minute.

Setting for Assignment Options

Option menu assignment j30.png

  • Module Assignment: Choose the option to enable module in expected pages.
    • On all pages: The popup window appears on all pages of the website.
    • No pages: This option is default. But it makes the module inactive on the website.
    • Only on the pages selected: The option allows popup window to be active only on selected pages.
    • On all pages except those selected: The option allows popup window to display on all pages except selected pages.
  • Menu Selection: Select menu type and menu items to display module.

Display on Frontend

Wait the time counter to let the this window disappear automatically or click Close/press ESC button to exit.

Login Facebook as page admins

Sl facebook likebox popup display frontend admin.png
When you are a page admin, the popup window will show faces, name and number of all users who like your Facebook page. There's also a link to Admin Page and popup window insight.

Login Facebook as registered users

Sl facebook likebox popup display frontend user.png
In case of the website visitors are normal users, the popup will show how many users already like this Page, and which of their friends like it too. It only show names, faces of users and their friends in the window.

Login Facebook as unregistered users

Sl facebook likebox popup display frontend non user.png
When a visitor who do not use Facebook click in your site, the popup will display the number of users already like the page and a Sign Up button to link to Facebook register page.


If you have questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us and join Extstore forum.

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