Menu Pro

Menu Pro
Joomla! 30
Version: 4.2.1 Release Date: 06 October 2015 - Changelog

Version 4.2.1:

Release Date: October 06. 2015

Fixed: Submenu of dropdown CSS3 menu is opened and closed repeatly if mouse is at the bottom of menu.

Version 4.2.0:

Release Date: October 7, 2014

  • Added. Compatible with touch devices (iPhone, iPad, Android).

Version 4.1.0:

Release Date: May 16, 2014

  • Changed. Replace mootools animation with css3 animation for CSS3 Dropdown Menu.
  • Added. Responsive support for CSS3 Dropdown Menu.

Version 4.0.1:

Release Date: December 09, 2013

  • Fixed. Update for Joomla 3.2.

Version 4.0.0:

Release Date: May 09, 2013

  • Added. Dropdown CSS3 plugin.
  • Fixed. Minor fixes and improvements.
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Menu Pro is a powerful module for Joomla!. The module includes Mootools Dropdown and CSS3 Dropdown menus that not only works the same as mod_menu of Joomla but also supports plugins to diversify menu’s looks, such as Mootools Accordion, jQuery Accordion, jQuery Slide, CSS3 Mega and Mega Menu.


Demo Documentation

With Menu Pro, you can easily handle a great amount of menu items by cleaning up a busy layout. The module is a great navigation tool, while still being a user-friendly and attractive design feature. Besides, nice touch of responsive CSS3 transitions can help you achieve better user interface and interaction.

  • Joomla 3 Compatibility
  • Start/End Level
  • Support Menu Plugins
  • Multi-level submenu
  • Menu Class Suffix
  • Mootools Dropdown Menu
  • CSS3 Dropdown Menu
  • Custom CSS

Main features

Mootools Dropdown Menu

Mootools Dropdown Menu

A plugin was included in Menu Pro by default.

  • 5 dynamic animation effects.
  • 9 stunning menu themes with hover preview.
  • 31 animation transitions.
CSS3 Dropdown Menu

CSS3 Dropdown Menu

Another plugin was included in Menu Pro by default.

  • 21 preset styles of 21 colors.
  • 2 gradient types: Linear & Glass. Start Color and End Color of the gradient are fully customizable
  • Responsive design: CSS3 Dropdown Menu works well on responsive devices.
  • Optional text color.
  • Custom CSS field to add your own CSS code.
menu plugins

Support Menu Plugins

Menu Pro supports other plugins (Mootools Accordion, jQuery Accordion, jQuery Slide, CSS3 Mega and Mega Menu) to transform the menu to many types. These plugins can be simply installed through Joomla Extension Manager. Module parameters are flexible and can be changed automatically based on plugin you choose.

Start End Level

Start/End Level

The module allows you to set the level to start/end rendering the menu items. You can choose to show or not show sub-menu items as well.

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